What type of access raised floor is best for me?

Due to the existence of various types of access floors, before buying this product, you should first know it well and order the right access floor according to your use.

There are ways that you can get to know the characteristics of each of these access floors.

For example: you can go to the products section of the site and check any of the features of the access floor or contact the support of the site and get answers to your questions.

You can specify some points before buying this product and prepare your access floor according to it. These points are given below. Including:

  • Knowledge of the volume of facilities under the floor to determine the height of access flooring
  • Knowing the temperature and humidity of the desired place
  • Accurate measurement of the area of the desired location
  • Determine the purpose of the purchase
  • Determining the weight of the equipment to be placed on the access floor
  • Anti-scratch coating or not