Implementation of access raised floor

Access floors have their own unique structure and generally consist of the following three main parts.

The floor, which is sometimes called a tile, can be composed of several different layers. Core, edge strip, bottom layer and top panel are the main ones. Of course, the core of the tile itself is made of various materials such as crushed wood particles, calcium sulfate, ceramic, metal and steel, aluminum and concrete.
The base actually bears the weight caused by the tiles themselves and the pressure exerted on them and transfers it to its lower surface. The bases also create the desired height. The base material can be different depending on the purpose of using the access floor. The bases are mostly galvanized and polymer.
As the name suggests, the connector is responsible for connecting the tile or floor to the bases. On the other hand, it creates a connection between the bases of the access floor for greater strength, which are mostly made of galvanized sheets.