Raised access floor

Fathiran group (Spark machine tool co.) is the manufacturere of different types of raised access floor in different sizes and modelsand capable of manufacturing various types of pedestals and so it has good answer for any inquiry of the customers.Using raised access floor enable us to change the interior design at anytime with so less expense and in so less time.the other advantageous of raised access floor is as below:

  1. *easy access to any place of the room by removing the panels

  2. *solving the engineering problems in any step of the drawing of the buiding

  3. *do changes at any and so urgent and also reducing the finished time of the project
  4. *the ability to change the place of the equipments
  5. *reducing the costs comparing the old methods of building construction

  6. *no need for the cross cabling and ability to have the ventilation from the floor

  7. *reducing the maintenance costs

  8. *ability to regulate the floor height for +3%

  9. *reducing the construction weight


The finished covering of the raised access floor depends on the customer request and also the room space , for example if you want to have access floor in a server room or computer room then you need to use anti-static floor covering on the access floor panels or in hospitals the floor covering should be of clean room type.the various types of floor coverig for raised access floor is as below:

  1. *HPL covering
    *PVC covering